4 Reasons You Need a Great Logo in 2017

It can be tough to decide when to redesign your company logo (or make one for the first time). That’s dually true if you believe the common misconceptions about logos, like the idea that they’re too expensive or that they “aren’t worth it” in the long run. But the truth is, a good logo can make your brand—and a bad one can break it. Here are the top four reasons you need a fantastic new logo in 2017:  

1. Even inexpensive logos can boost revenue

There are companies that pay creative agencies exorbitant costs to design their logos. But some of the best brands have logos that were cheap or free. Nike paid just $ 35 for its logo, and Coca-Cola paid nothing. Yet both symbols became pop culture icons and helped turn their parent companies into multi-billion dollar revenue generators.

You don’t have to break the bank to create an amazing logo. You can form an in-house design committee, hire a student designer, or work with an affordable design service. If you play your cards right, you’ll pay next to nothing for a great logo that generates conversions and raises brand awareness.

2. Logos help customers recognize your brand

Your logo is almost always what customers see first. It’s necessary to help them identify your brand—which is why companies with unique logos will do just about anything to protect them. For example, Apple sued a German café for using a logo “too similar” to its own, and a Native American tribe sued Budweiser for using the tribe’s logo and slogan.

Why are these brands taking logo infringement to the courts? Because their logo is their corporate face. When customers recognize you the instant they see your logo, they’re more likely to make purchasing decisions based on that familiarity with your brand. If you create a new logo in 2017, choose a design that’s yours alone—one that doesn’t mimic another brand and can’t be imitated.

3. Logos form the basis for your brand identity

Logos are the first part of your branding people see—but not the last. Once the logo builds initial trust with customers, you’ll need a strong brand to back it up. That includes your advertising campaigns, print and digital marketing resources, website, store, and any other place your brand interacts with customers.

Since your logo tells customers what to expect from your company, the rest of your brand identity must live up to the expectations your logo set. Its style, appearance, and brand message should all refer back to the logo to make sure you’re sending consistent signals to your audience. And the more consistent your brand message, the more likely customers are to stay focused and act on it.  

4. Your logo can appeal to a changing society

American culture changed dramatically last year with its evolving political climate and increased awareness of social justice issues. The result is an outcry for yet more social, political, and economic improvements. As one of the largest and most vocal generations in the U.S., millennials are leading the charge in social justice and other causes.

Businesses that build their brand to reflect this change-driven atmosphere will appeal to this new generation of Americans. The best place to start? With your logo. It can portray your brand in light of the issues that matter most—whether that’s sustainability, social justice, or something else. This will help you stay focused on your audience, draw their attention toward you, and give you a chance to help form a better society.


Creating a new logo is about more than just making a cool symbol to represent your company. It’s about building a better, stronger brand identity. Whether you decide to focus on creating a cost-effective logo, sending consistent branding messages, or reflecting your brand’s values, these four pieces of wisdom will give you the direction you need to move your company forward into 2017. 


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