6 Things You Must Do for Your Retail App to Boost Your Sales

Retail apps are quickly taking the place of traditional brick and mortar stores. This is why, if you’re a promising retailer, now is the best time to invest in the creation of a mobile app that would help you acquire and retain new clients. Of course, it has to be designed in a highly optimized way to build your customer base and increase sales. Below are some of the excellent pointers to keep in mind.

1. Understand Your Shoppers

This basic first step should never be ignored becauses it practically lays out the blueprint of your app. How do customers want the selections to be presented to them? How should you develop its interface in such a way that customers wouldn’t be turned off by it? User experience is the key. It could be quite tricky because shoppers have varying personas. There are those who come back simply because of the convenient and overall great experience they had with your mobile application, while others simply use your app to window shop. In the end, it’s all about taking the time to research their needs and wants.

2. Take the Time to Plan the Design of Your App

Intuitiveness and responsiveness are some of the primary factors you have to pay close attention to. Keep the navigation between windows as short and simple as possible. Anticipate and visualize how every element of your online store would look and if your customers would find it appealing or simply frustrating. Making good use of stellar-quality images, positioned strategically throughout the app’s interface, is one highly suggested method. In short, make liberal use of your creativity when planning the layout of your app.

3. Prioritize the Usability of Your App Based on Your Target Customers

The design of the app is only half of what makes it great. You also have to give similar attention to its overall user-friendliness. Most experienced shoppers, for instance, want to have advanced search capabilities with numerous filters as much as possible. This lets them arrive at the exact item they want as soon as possible. One good strategy is to make a dedicated 5111New Arrivals’ portion for new items that you add to your store. Make it a point that visitors (old and new, alike) would promptly be able to view them upon arriving.

4. Make Good Use of Rewards

Employ geo-location technology when offering the rewards, special offers, and discounts. These are perks that are bound to catch any shopper’s fancy, especially if they are being offered within their locale. As for how you offer them, use social media as a promotion tool. For instance, for customers to receive the reward, ask them to share their experience on Facebook or review of a product they’ve bought from your store. This way, you would be taking care of the social sharing aspect of your app as well. You can reward them for their loyalty as well.

5. Give Your Customers Options

From different payment methods to adding variety to categories within your chosen niche, a lot of consumers are bound to like online stores that offer a lot of selections and are more likely to return because of it. Give them the capability to choose when to have their item delivered and add support for bar codes. Also, taking the time to add various customizations and do not rely on generic templates — custom templates would certainly better define your brand. What’s important is for your store to stand out from the rest.

6. Streamline the Checkout Process

This could not be stressed more. Many potential leads have failed to turn into conversions simply because of an online store’s overly long and complex checkout process. Expedite and shorten it as much as possible. This could be done by having the 511Checkout’ button readily available even if the user didn’t bother to add his item in the Cart. Even the Cart window would have to be tweaked for faster transactions. Refrain from making the registration of accounts mandatory. The more you waste your customer’s time buying the item he wants, the more he’ll become frustrated, which only ever results in abandoned carts.


Martin Brown is a senior marketing executive at Top App Creators, a comprehensive listing service that acts as a platform for app development companies to showcase their services to prospective clients. You can follow his company on Facebook.

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