Amazon, Intel Partner on Smart Speaker

Amazon and Intel this week unveiled two technology initiatives to advance the Smart home.

Announced at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, the initiative has two main purposes: to enable Alexa Skills to remotely control and coordinate device actions with an Intel-based Smart Home Hub and to create an Intel-based Smart speaker reference design with Amazon Alexa.

Smart speaker

The speaker will be created to help hardware manufacturers accelerate their development of voice-enabled devices with the Intel platform and Alexa Voice Services. The Smart speaker form factor reference designs (FFRD)are expected to be available to developers and manufacturers in the first three months of 2017.

“Amazon and Intel see a tremendous opportunity to bring the benefits of a personal voice experience to millions of new consumers and are collaborating to encourage developers and device manufacturers to extend natural voice interaction to more products via Amazon Alexa,” reads an Intel press release.

The first FFRD will offer device makers:

  • Accelerated development of Alexa voice-enabled smart speakers on Intel architecture.
  • Voice as the primary interface, allowing Alexa skills developers to build capabilities that reach even more end users.
  • Requisite speakers and microphone arrays expected from smart speakers, as well as the home radios that support the standards needed for PAN connectivity in the home, including Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth, and is extensible enough to add video capabilities and environment sensors for an all-in-one customer experience.
  • A SDK that enables developers to add voice and video capabilities to connected products.

Smart home

With home automation and management application from Intel’s partner MiOS, its Smart Home Hub can initiate Alexa skills creating customized scenes to provide a central intelligence point in the home.

Developers can use the Intel-based Smart Home Hub for onboarding devices “across an expanding Intel and Amazon network to fully integrate into the home with the power of Alexa. This will allow end users to interact more naturally with the technology in their homes,” Alexa content marketing manager Ted Karczewski in a blog post.

“A truly smart home is one that provides users with experiences that ease the tasks of running a home and enrich daily life. With voice as the central interface, customers have an even more natural way to manage the hundreds of tasks they experience every day.”




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