Google Allo Uses Your Selfies to Create Custom Emojis

If you like emojis, you’re sure to like Google’s latest update to its messaging app Allo.

Google has launched a selfoji, a cross between a selfie and an emoji to add a little bit of fun to your messaging.

image3Google has combined neural networks with artists’ renderings to turn your selfie into a personalized sticker pack.

To use the new feature, snap a selfie and it “will return an automatically generated illustrated version of you, on the fly, with customization options to help you personalize the stickers even further.”


“Rather than aim to replicate a person’s appearance exactly, pursuing a lower resolution model, like emojis and stickers, allows the team to explore expressive representation by returning an image that is less about reproducing reality and more about breaking the rules of representation,” Allo creative director Jennifer Daniel said in a blog post

So far, the new feature is available for Allo on Android, and is coming soon to Allo for iOS.

Allo, which Google launched last fall, uses neural networks and Google Search to make texting easier. The technology, known as Smart Reply, is able to comprehend your conversation history to produce suggestions that you can respond with. Over time, the app learns your individual style, so the responses are tailored to fit your texting personality.





















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