How Guest Writing Can Benefit Your Website

Guest posting is one of the effective ways of gaining website exposure. More importantly it’s a way to make your blog rank better in organic search results for your targeted keywords through a system of backlinking. Backlinks are those hypertexted words or phrases called anchor texts that “link back” to your blog. By finding a quality and famous blog to write articles for, you can convert its readers to become your readers too and make them members of the community you are building. For me, as an affiliate marketer, guest posting has helped me climb up the ranking in Google search results and target the visitors who are interested in buying the services I promote.

When I first launched my reviews and coupons blog, I was focused exclusively on adding high quality content regularly. I remember writing a post every day like crazy. After two months of insane writing, the only thing I had achieved was to move from 16 million to 450K in Alexa. But Alexa alone doesn’t bring money; targeted visitors holding their credit cards do. How can you make those ready-to-buy people land into your pages?

You have to get your pages rank on the first page of Google for those ‘money-making’ or ‘buying’ keywords prospective customers type. To achieve this, make a plan to guest post at least 15 to 20 articles per month in high PR blogs and include niche-specific but natural looking keywords as your anchor texts. These links will work like votes to your site and Google will eventually identify that your blog is “suggested” by other blogs as the right one for these particular keywords. This way, the pages you want to promote will start ranking higher and higher. Don’t forget: Google ranks webpages not just websites.

Unlike writing for your own blog, there are other necessary criteria required, both by the owners of the hosting blog and their loyal readers. This is why guest articles are expected to be of high quality and well written, but if they are not, you are likely to get rejected. To increase your chances of having your guest posts accepted, here is what you should consider:

Be Confident

Success in anything in life starts from the mind. You can succeed if nobody believed in you but you will never make a step forward if you don’t believe in yourself. Self confidence is key. Being confident will allow you to speak effectively and convince your audience.

Choose Relevant Topics

Your chosen host blog must have an audience interested in your chosen niche. I’d advise you to write on more technical and challenging topics and focus on making them simple and easy for readers to understand. When readers enjoy your article, they will be eager to find the person that offered them the solution they needed and seek your site.

Stay Away From Copied Content

Copied content have a bad effect on any online business no matter what the business is about or which audience it is meant for. If you ever need traffic from the search engines, then stay away from copied content. This is not to say that articles can’t be repeated, but the repetition should be such that the new trends and findings discovered in that field should be included to make it more interesting and captivating. Fresh content is more result oriented.

Edit Your Work Well

Never post content immediately after writing. Take a break before coming back to edit your posts. Posts that need heavy editing will never be published by high-quality blogs — editors for these sites do not have the time to fix up your piece and are unlikely to tolerate poor grammar and spelling. Use relevant and high quality images as well as videos to enhance your work.

Be Careful With Your Links

Content with links inserted here and there, will not impress the owner of the host blog and may lead to the blog declining to publish your work. Readers also are not interested in links prompting them to buy a product or sign up for an e-mail list. It is irritating and the results may be devastating to you.

Make Your Ending As Effective As Possible

The ending of any write-up matters a lot — this is when the reader gets to make a decision about what he/she has been reading. Your goal is to help readers make a positive decision. Craft your call to action so they are not doing something for your interest but, rather, for their own benefit.

Complement Your Guest Posts With Other Efforts

Promote your guest post by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon, to name a few, or link to it from a post in your blog. As soon as your guest post is published, write a complementary post to welcome the new traffic that will come your way as a result. When new readers comes to your site, they will expect to see the same quality that prompted them to click through; don’t disappoint them with less-than stellar quality content.

Make Relations

Do not let your post stand alone. It must be relevant to the theme of the blog. Your host is more likely to accept a post that was written with its audience in mind.

Once your article is accepted, the goal is to encourage the reader to read other posts on the blog site that answer questions they might still have on the subject you tackled or a related one. Put your links in the appropriate places and never try to sell them through a guest post.

Be Nice to Your Hosts

Your hosts will probably want to know a lot of things about your posts and the motives behind it. Answer their questions directly. Show them how and why your article is very important to their niche.

Do Not Forget Your Host’s Guidelines

And last but not least, no matter what you do, remember this post is going on another person’s blog and, therefore, you need to satisfy your host’s terms and conditions. Keep your posts in-line with all the guiding rules if you want your posts to be published on that blog and gain all the advantages that go with it.


Steven Papas has a major in Business Management and IT from the University of Wales. He quit his full-time job as financial broker in 2010 and has been blogging as an affiliate marketer ever since. He usually blogs about software, technology news and discount coupons for Internet services.

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