The Best European Capital Cities to Work In

While Europe isn’t exactly the biggest continent, it is brimming with cultural wealth and wonderful countries to live in.

Obviously, whether you live in Europe or not, planning to move to a new country means you need to assess the job opportunities available.

For a long time, there has been a number of European capitals which would make many people’s dream list of cities to live in.

Popular European Cities

The likes of London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Rome have long been established as the centres of commerce.

This article from the Mail Online shows how popular the U.K. and London, in particular, is for prospective workers. It discusses how 200,000 migrants arrive into the capital every year.

However, Europe is currently undergoing massive socio-political and economic change which could massively affect job prospects.

One of the biggest catalysts was Britain’s decision to leave the European Union back in June 2016, which as you can see from this BBC News piece, all have a big impact on the future of the country.

This has already began to impact workers and those keen to apply their trade in the U.K. It was reported by the Independent that many European doctors who work in the U.K. are considering moving elsewhere.

This would have a massive effect on the U.K., which relies on trained professionals arriving from other nations to work.

It won’t just be London and the rest of the U.K. that sees change in the coming years either. There will almost certainly be a knock on effect of financial and social disruption to the traditionally successful nations and cities.

The Best European Capital Cities To Work In

So, if perhaps cities like London are less attractive to professionals than they once were, where else should we be looking?

Well, thanks to a new study taken out by, you can now find out. The study is called ‘The Best European Capital City To Work In’ and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

The results of this study throw up a number of surprising cities at the top of the list. The top 10 looks like this:

1. Bern, Switzerland

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Berlin, Germany

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Minsk, Belarus

6. Reykjavik, Iceland

7. Vienna, Austria

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

9. Oslo, Norway

10 .Brussels, Belgium

As you can see, aside of the likes of Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels, all of the top cities are largely less popular ones.

This is a theme which runs throughout the tables of results, with London placed at 18th, adding more fuel to the fire that traditionally great working cities are becoming less desirable.

The study compared each European capital by five different sets of results. These were; cost of living, average salary, unemployment rate, traffic commute and average worked hours per week.

These statistics were compiled from a combination of individual government data and the us of cost of living tool Numbeo. 

The result also show the top capital cities for each individual statistic. For total cost of living, Pristina in Kosovo came out on top.

For the highest monthly salary, Bern came out on top. On top of the pile for the least amount of unemployment on average was Minsk.

Looking at the traffic commute index, Bern was also first. For the average hours worked each week, Amsterdam finished first with an average of just 29 hours per person.

So, whether you have considered moving within Europe or to the continent for the first time, it might be worth considering studies like this before committing to anything.


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