U.S. Judge Dismisses Facebook Tracking Lawsuit

Facebook has emerged victorious from a U.S. lawsuit that accused the company of tracking users’ Web browsing activity even after they had logged out of the social network.

U.S. District Judge Edward Davila dismissed the nationwide suit, saying the plaintiffs were unsuccessful in proving they had a realistic expectation of privacy, or that they had been harmed financially as a result, Reuters is reporting.

Davila, who made the decision in a San Jose, California court, dismissed the accusers’ claims that the social media firm had breached federal and California privacy and wiretapping laws by using cookies to track users when they visited other sites that had Facebook ‘like’ buttons.

Davila countered that claim in his decision, saying the plaintiffs could have found ways to keep their browsing activities private. The judge added that the accusers were unsuccessful in their attempt to prove that Facebook “intercepted” or scanned their private communications.

“The fact that a user’s web browser automatically sends the same information to both parties does not establish that one party intercepted the user’s communication with the other,” Davila’s decision reads.

Neither Facebook nor lawyers for the plaintiff have commented on the case.

Facebook is no stranger to lawsuits. The social media firm last year was accused of scanning and logging URLs sent through its private messaging system in a bid to get more likes for pages on its site. It was also slapped with a lawsuit over allegedly violating members’ privacy with its photo tagging tool.


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